Best Gifts for Kids under 11 (and over 7)

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Last Update: November 18th, 2019

We all know how hard sometimes is to pick the best gifts for kids under 11.

The offer is infinite, our time is not, and it’s tough to know and find the games and toys that are the best for kids between 7 and 11 years old.

To help you out, based on Piaget’s Stages of Cognitive Development, we researched a lot and curated a list of the best gifts for kids under 11, and over seven.

This list can be useful to help you find the right gift for a birthday, for a Christmas gift, or for any other special event.

The bottom line is: imagine you could have Piaget himself handpicking the best gifts for kids under 11. This was our goal and this is what the list below is all about!

According to Piaget, what should be the best gift for kids under 11?

According to Piaget, kids at this age finally start to think logically.

Think about that for a second and imagine how much life will change solely based on that little information, let alone the games and toys they’ll play with.

The ideal gift, for kids in this age range of 7 to 11, is a game or toy that will stimulate their abstract thinking. Their thinking about possible outcomes of their actions, even before they actually do it.

They will start thinking about possible moves in a game and how that may influence the outcome of it. They will start thinking about solutions for problems that are not in front of them.

We have to be honest. In terms of family games, this is the stage where you’ll find the best options. Especially at this age and forward.

In our list below, we took everything into consideration to curate a great list of gifts for kids under 11 years old, mostly family games or games to be played with their friends and siblings.

We hope you enjoy as much as your kid will.

Gift Ideas for Kids Under 11 (and over 7)

Best Gifts for Kids under 11 (and over 7)

(1) HedBanz Game: If you think about a game that most likely translates the breakthrough kids do in this stage, this is the game. Lots of fun and great moments.

(2) Play-Doh Doctor Drill’n Fill Retro Pack: such a great idea to give to a kid that will soon make the first visit to a dentist. It will help understand so many things by actually doing the teeth, brushing the teeth. It’s a great educational and practical gift.

(3) Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Railway Train Set: this normally ends being a gift for the entire family. A puzzle for parents and endless hours of play for the kids. In this version, you have the table to make sure the room remains clean and in order. It’s way more expensive, but it is so great!

(4) Lego Duplo Deluxe Box: Ideal for Preschool Creative Play, this is the “older” version of the Legos we presented in the previous development stage. It has an introduction to numbers.

(5) Lego Duplo My First Number Train: It’s hard to forget the drama when we lost track of the number 8 piece. Our oldest boy played a lot with it and it sure helped him understand and memorize the numbers. Ideal for younger toddlers.

(6) AnanBros Air Dry Modeling Magic Clay: Very creative set. It actually has a board game in it where you can have your kids building their own board piece and it comes with a lot of amazing ideas. It will get your kids very busy for some time.

(7) Magnetic Power Magic World: A magnetic creative puzzle where your kids will be able to create whatever they wish and where each day they can create something new. As adults, we admit we have played with this when our kids are sleeping. Let’s keep this information between us, ok?

(8) Lakeshore Alpha-Bots: Love this idea. Each letter of the alphabet transforms into a robot and it transforms back to a letter. “Robot A is transforming to go meet Robot D…”. It’s a very cool way to learn the letters and telling stories with them. For instance, we gave each robot a name starting with their own letter. We have “Robot Yogurt”, for example.

More options?

This is it.

Of course, there are a million more games and toys that could fit in this stage.

But the important thing is to be aware of the right stimulus our kids should have in this specific development stage, and pick the best gifts to promote their development.

We will try to update this list every now and then so it might be a good option to bookmark this page for future reference.

If you know a great gift that fits this stage please let us know in the comment box below and we will add it in here.

Our kids will thank us for the amazing gifts they’ll get!

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Best Gifts for Kids under 7 (and over 2)

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